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iPTool canon is an application like MPTool software. The iPTools software designed for most canon Pixma iP series. The Canon printer suported is iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200 and iP2500. Its a portable software. The iPTool Canon software can be used to reset the printer, maintain Canon printer, view printer status and more.

iPTool Canon iP resetter

Tips before using this applications. You must reset the printer manually before the iPTool software. The manual reset is to prevent software stuck. You can goggling to view manualĀ  for each Canon Pixma iP printer supported by the iPTool software. Its a useful software for me. I’ve tested this portable application to reset Canon Pixma iP1300, 1P1700 and iP1880. iPTool canon is also discontinued project but it still useful.

iPTool Canon software have many features such as print head cleaning, test nozzle, reset printer functions, rollers printer cleaner, read and reset printer EEPROM and more.

iPTool Canon software Features

All features on this Canon software resetter divides into two categories, info section and operation section. The description about features on this Canon software read here:

A. Info Sections

On info sections you can view the status the Canon iP printer. You can view ink level status, port name and port serial number of the printer. You can also view, how many time the printer ON and OFF or the cartridges parking. Or you can view how many times cleaning the printer head, replace the cartridge and more.

B. Operations Sections

On operations sections allow you to reset ink level and reset waste ink counter of the printer. Other features it allow to cleaning cartridge’s head and test them. All features on operations sections can be used just in one click. Please note, before using the features on this sections you must change the printer setting (change model) depending to the printer series you use.

The latest version iPTool canon can be download here: download iPTool 1.1.5

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