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New version Avast 8 has arrived. Download avast 8 free antivirus to protect you computer. This version comes with totally new interface that suitable with Windows 8 metro desktop. It also come with new features that does not found on other free antivirus software. Like the previous version it comes only with basic protections to blocks viruses & spyware being attack your computer.

Avast 8 free antivirus come with neat and clean interface. It more easy to learn and lighter than the old one. This Avast version come with new features called software updater. Software updater allow you to scan installed software in your computer and update it just in one click if found new version of the software. If you already install other antivirus on your computer, you may need to remove the software before decide to switch them to avast 8. You may need antivirus uninstall tools to remove other antivirus software completely.

avast 8 Free Antivirus Screenshot

avast 8 Free Antivirus Mainavast 8 main interface, more simple and neat.

avast 8 -Free Antivirus statusavast 8 Free Antivirus security status – in this version you can see the computer security status is much easier than the old one.

avast 8 software updater featuresavast 8 software updater features – allow you to update installed software automatically (if possible). The update process work in the background (silently).

Download Avast 8 Free Antivirus with 1 Year License

Avast 8 come with faster installation process and lighter compared with the older version. Interested, download avast 8 free edition from the official website at:

download avast 8 and install it (installation process)

Avast 8 still require a license key to remove limitation period. If you need free and genuine license for this antivirus software, please visit my previous post to get Avast License Key free.

Note: If you already have install old version of avast free antivirus on your computer, you no need to remove the older version. The Avast 8 will update automatically if found old version of this software.

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  1. Sandi says:

    Finally, new version this software arrive. Download it now..!!

    I found license key for avast free and I think it better than the 1 year license. Here:

    W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467 (valid upto 2038)

  2. Sai says:

    in what way i need to thank you? its very much useful for me, Sandi. Thanks again.

  3. apurba says:

    sandi i’m very thankful to u thnx a lot bro i will never forgot your help hope someday i can repay u


    Only 18 numbers are entering for me.(Avast 8),Everyone saying code works or i think i made an error somewhere of activating the code.

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